what do you have for breakfast?!

Question: What do you have for breakfast?
i have toast with butter and jam and some black coffee and an apple


i have weetabix with banana, soooo yummy and orange juice

Glass of grapefruit juice at about 0700, then, a little later, porridge (proper Scots, made with water, not milk, and with a little salt, not sugar), large, thick slice of wholemeal toast with butter and marmalade. Then - and only then - I can face the day !

Pancakes and bacon, OJ and Hot Coco
Oatmeal - OJ - Toast
French Toast -Sausage - OJ - Hot Coco
Scrambled eggs - bacon - toast- Juice -

depends how much time I have to cook.
generally 15 mins will do.


muesli, vanilla yoghurt with sliced strawberries or bananas on top. :)

I have half a grapefruit followed by a cereal or porridge with sliced banana.

Special K, Orange Juice & Vitamins

I have one cup of milk, oats, apple, papaya etc

Nothing. I always skip breakfast.

weetabix most days but today i had a tomato butty emmm gawjuss :)

i usually have a cup of milk and two pieces of bread for breakfast.

just only an apple.

only Rice

i have toast with butter and jam and some black coffee and an apple

I often eat bread, milk, bananas.

a cliff bar.

I drink milk, eat two slices of bread.

i always skip my breakfst

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