What does agave nectar taste like?!

Question: What does agave nectar taste like?
Guess it has a honey-like consistency? We never had it. Bought some on the net tonight from the States. We simply don't get it here in Ireland, at least I've never seen it, never even heard of it! Is it tasty enough to just eat a spoonful, as with say honey? Thanks.


The only thing I know is the Blue Agave which is used for making the Patron tequila, and I don't think pure agave is sweet, but sweetened by sugar into honey like consistency. I live in Canada and I've never seen or heard of this stuff. Blue Agave are harvested in Mexico

Mm... may be useful as a personal reference http://styleasy.info/1339/agave-nectar


WellTry the above link & have fun!


I think it may useful for u. http://inhut.info/20049/agaves-nectar Gooooood luck (:


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