What is the real name for the filet o fish from Mac donalds?!

Question: What is the real name for the filet o fish from Mac donalds?
I know they are from the midnight zone... never ate a filet o burger, cause i dont like fish, but i wanna know what it's called. please tell me if you know : )


if your talking about what kind of fish i believe its pollack

You asked for the real name. Filet is a part of a fish. Example: A wing is part of a bird.
Burgers are a blend of beef as in ground beef. They are not called filets, only fish have filets to my understanding.

You got it. Filet-O-Fish. Also--it's McDonald's. Not Mac.

Wtf it's fillet-o-fish thats the only name

That's really what they call it...Filet-O-Fish. I don't know what the "midnight zone" is.

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