What's your ideal chocolate?!

Question: What's your ideal chocolate?
Imagine you get a chocolate box for your birthday,you open it and there is a single type of chocolate in there...yeah annoying you only have 1 haha but its so incredible, it will be all you need!!
Mine would be a dusted cocoa truffle, with a vanilla hazelnut filling mmmm you?


omg what a wonderful question! I would love to open it and find a lindt raspberry milk chocolate bar in there .

mmmm heaven :]

Milk chocolate, dont mind dark chocolate and i also like mint chocolate

Chewy caramel covered with milk chocolate. Yummm.

60% cacao chocolate covered caramels with grey salt from Fran's

Cherry truffle from Thorntons.

Galaxy chocolate in any form and shape. Yum!

dark chocolate all the way!


Chocolate of ANY kind would please me - dark, white, milk i'm not fussy

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