Do you prefer chocolate or dessert?!

Question: Do you prefer chocolate or dessert?
I have realsied recently i much prefer desserts to chocolate bars, because they feel more special, and yes most of the time they contain a higher calorie content, but i prefer the overall taste and experience to a chocolate bar, and have it less often so think its worth it!! :)


chocolate for snack, or on the go.
but dessert at home, or restaruant, or as a treat!!! :)

Love dessert more.. it jsut feels more special, and theyre more flavour. it feels more like a treat.... you dont eat dessert everyday. choclate is more regular.

A chocolate dessert is the best.
I do like some chocolate bars but almost anything chocolate is a winner.
Prefer chocolate bar to most non chocolate desserts.

No doubt chocolate dessert is the very delicious definitely I'll prefer it. For more information so just try this…

I like chocolate and desserts...

But most of all, I love chocolate desserts. Chocolate cake, French silk pie, chocolate ice cream, etc. Yumm!

Dessert, preferably a chocolate dessert..


I agree. chocolate has its moments but dessert is the best.

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