extensive list of pasta types?!

Question: Extensive list of pasta types?
can someone give me an extensive list of the types of pasta? at least the common ones...i can't seem to find a good enough site having a list with pictures... can you recommend a site for me?


Acomo Pepe (tiny, bead-shaped pasta)
Bucatini (thick, hollow straws of pasta)
Bumbola (bee-shaped pasta)
Cannelloni (meat-filled tubes of pasta)
Capelli d'angelo (Angel Hair pasta - thinnest long shape pasta)
Capellini (very thin, round pasta strands)
Conchiglie (seashell-shaped pasta)
Cavatappi (tubular, corkscrew or spiral shaped pasta)
Cresti di gallo (curved-shape pasta, brown in color)
Ditali/ditalini (Short pasta tubes, similar to macaroni)
Farfalle (medium-size pasta, with crimped center & pinked edges; bow tie shape)
Fettucine (flat, wide pasta strands)
Fusilli (hollow, corkscrew or spiral shaped pasta)
Gemelli (medium-sized pasta, like two short pieces of tubular spaghetti twisted together)
Gnocchi (small dumplings, made from potato, flour or semolina)
I gomiti (short and curved, tubular pasta with semi-circle shape)
Lasagne (ripple-edged strips, about 2-1/4-inches wide and 10-inches long)
Linguine (narrow, flat pasta)
Lumache (snail-shaped pasta shells)
Lumaconi (big pasta shells, often used for fillings)
Mostaccioli (diagonally cut, tubular-shaped pasta)
Macaroni (long or short cut, pasta tubes)
Orecchiette (small, ear-shaped pasta)
Orzo (pasta usually used in soups)
Penne rigate (diagonally cut, tubular-shaped pasta with ridged surface)
P (fat hollow strands)
Perciatelli (fat, hollow pasta strands)
Radiatore (short, chunky, ruffled-shaped pasta)
Ricciolini (two-inch pasta strips, twisted gently)
Rotelle (corkscrew or spiral shaped pasta)
Rravioli (pasta cushions, filled with meat or spinach)
Rigatoni (large, ribbed tubes)
Rotini (corkscrew or spiral shaped pasta, about 1-1/2-inches long)
Spaghetti (round, thin pasta strands)
Tagliatelle (thin strips of ribbon pasta)
Tortellini (little pasta 'hats' with meat filling)
Trenette (long, narrow strips of pasta)
Vermicelli (round, thin pasta strands - thinner than spaghetti)
Ziti riigati (medium-sized tubular pasta, slightly curved)

You did not ask for pictures, therefore...



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