Has Anyone Eaten At "End Zone Bar and Grill"?!

Question: Has Anyone Eaten At "End Zone Bar and Grill"?
I'm not asking on how the food is.

I applied and feel like I may get the position. This bar is going to be new to Florida, so I applied via letter.

I was wondering, if you've eaten there before, what do the waitresses look like? what are their Uniforms?

is it like Hooters? where they have skimpy-ish styled clothes?


You can see their uniforms at their website. Here's a link:


The tops are referee-looking striped V-neck short-sleeved polos. The V-neck is a little low, but not very.
On the "Home" page if you scroll down, it looks like the employee is wearing a short black skirt (but not very short:


None of the employees shown on the website look stereotypically "Hooters-ish." However, I suppose it all depends on the person doing the hiring at the one you applied to. Good luck!

EDIT: Just a suggestion, but if you think you might get an interview you might want to learn as much as you can about them, study their website, familiarize yourself with their menu (a few clicks will show it to you), see what "events" they generally have, and so on. Also google to find any press releases regarding them, charity events they may have sponsored, and so on. Talk about all this at the interview, it will show them how interested and motivated you are. Good luck again!

I know someone who has been to the end zone and they love it!

never heard of it

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