Help please? Food suggestions?!

Question: Help please? Food suggestions?
I am going to Cracker Barrel in the morning for breakfast and I have no idea what to eat. I want something low in calories and fat. Any suggestions? I don't eat meat....I am struggling with my weight and I have a hard time eating and just want to go enjoy breakfast with my mom, but I don't want to deal with the guilt after wards. Thanks for the help.


Here's a link to Cracker Barrel's breakfast menu. Click on the (very tiny) tabs on the left to see all the selections:…

Just a suggestion, if there's nothing very low-calorie you can order the best thing you can find and only eat half. Have fun with your mom!

EDIT: Under "Tasty Alternatives" they have Eggbeaters, sugar-free syrup, Promise spread, and low-sugar fruit spread, so I guess they do try. They also serve low-fat vanilla yogurt, seasonal fruit, oatmeal, and turkey sausage, so you can order "a la carte."

I love Cracker Barrel! They have wonderful food. Its no problem that you're struggling with weight! They have really great lo-carb foods! Most of them are reeeeeeeally good too. Or if that doesn't satisfy you, they have little cereals and you can get some eggs or something. Hope I helped!

-Cracker Barrel Menu!

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