why do I get a upset tummy after eating dry roasted peanuts?!

Question: Why do I get a upset tummy after eating dry roasted peanuts?
This morning I woke up and felt a bit hungry so I went into my kitchen and finished off a small bowl of dry roasted peanuts and a handful of Pringles, 3 hours on and my tummy is feeling queasy ; (
I wonder if it is due to some ingredient in the peanuts or Pringles That caused It?
any Ideas?


Too much salt and oil to start of your day. Rest for a bit, then drink some water.

If it is an allergy than you will suffer from the same symptoms similar to these whenever you will eat something made of peanuts. I do not think that you are allergic to peanuts.
It may cause due to high amount of oil intake in morning or dehydration.
Try to eat lesser amount with more liquid (any hydrating agent like milk, water, juice).
Sometimes these things make you feel queasy when you have not eaten anything else and you take dry food like peanuts and pringles.

Are you allergic to peanuts? That might explain it.

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