Have you ever had a hot dog or burger at breakfast time..?!

Question: Have you ever had a hot dog or burger at breakfast time..?
anybody -----or not ?


yes ive had them both many a time and now its bbq time i'll be having more


once I had white castle hamburgers with a side order of onion rings at like 8am...but was getting over the flu and I hadn't had any food in my stomach for like 3 days...felt weak but the sliders made me feel good YUM :)

I think its not cool having burger in breakfast, have some seafood low carbs high in nutrients.

No, but starting your day with carbs and protein would be a good start.

No afternoon only.:)

Yes, yesterday I had four. If I had any left, I'd have had one this morning lol !!

'oh yea i can eat them anytime ay all

I often have a bacon and egg burger at breakfast

I've had a Big Mac for breakfast on more than one occasion. Good times.

I eat Pop Tarts instead.

yep i have,..,

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