Grapes...What do you guys think?!

Question: Grapes...What do you guys think?
Do you think it's steeling to eat one grape before you buy the grapes to see if the bunch tastes good? I was wondering what your opinions are. Thanx :


ooohhh.... ill report you! LOL :)

Nah.. its just a taster... i do it all the time... i jsut munch on a few... while i stand there choosing which box/carton i want

Nah, it's not stealing. Although be careful a jobsworth shop employee catching you sneaking one.

Well honestly if you have to PAY for the grapes.....I imagine they are talking about ALL the grapes on the vine in general... so yes it is in a way ....LOL

Yes, it is certainly fine :)

its called sampling lol

yeah it is ya crook!

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