Guess the dessert!!....?!

Question: Guess the dessert!!....?
1. Once you've broken the surface, i'm sweet and soft :)
2. I have sooo many layers, but i'm as sweet as honey, even though i am a bit nutty!!!
3. I'm a bit of a tart!! I'm sweet at heart but have a zest for life!!

lol sorry i'm soooo bored!! it's like dating ads for desserts!! lol 10 points for whoever guesses all 3 right first!! xxx


1 Creme brulee
2 Baklava
3 Lemon tartlet or a profiterole - best guess.

1 - Creme Brulee
2 - Baklava
3 - Lemon Meringue Pie

1.creme brulee
3.Key lime pie




baklava yum


its a cake

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