How big are the portions at Olive Garden?!

Question: How big are the portions at Olive Garden?
I'm wanting to take my family out to dinner tonight, and was interested in the Never-Ending-Pasta-Bowl. But since that offer isnt going on right now, I went to check out their website to see what else they had there. And judging by the pictures it doesnt seem like a terribly large amount of food.

I've never been to Olive Garden, so I was wondering if someone who has could tell me about their portion size. I was interested in the Tour of Italy dish myself, but a general answer would help too.


Olive Garden is a great place for a nice, sit down, family meal. Their portions are good size & they have endless salad & breadsticks. My family & I always leave feeling stuffed & content.

They are pretty big portions. I usually have to take about half of it home...but I don't have a very big stomach capacity. They also give you unlimited salad and unlimited amazing breadsticks with it, so I wouldn't worry about the portions. They are a good amount.

Hope this helps(:

mediem but if you get the dessert there its too small

i have been to olive garden

It's too much just like most other restaurants. That's the reason America is fat

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