Whats better? milk chocolate or white choc?!

Question: hehehe, i like milk choc

Answers: hehehe, i like milk choc

white choc is great but can be sickly so i think milk choc

Milk chocolate hands down!

whell in taste milk chocolate is better but if u have a liver disfunction then white chocolate is more sutable for ur health

hmm i like them both bt i say milk choc is better

well depends... white chocolate actually is the just the plant fat that was pressed and removed from the cocoa plant.. it doesnt have any of the antioxident properties as the plant extracts has... Milk chocolate also has so much sugar and milk/cream added it can be just as fatty.. Its better to go for a 65% or more dark chocolate bar.. more cocoa per bar and more antioxidants to help your body...

I like Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. Especially Ghirardelli and Lindt, they both make a really good dark chocolate.


Well my milk chocolate melts better in my hands than my white chocolate did. Had another analogy, but I thought it might be a bit to dirty for this site, lol

milk choclette is brilliant.

l like both.

milk chocolate is better,but white chocolate is also better..but i suggest milk chocolate..it has milk,and cocoa.its a healthy food!

Dark chocolate is better FOR YOU! But Milk Chocolate gets my vote. It's my favorite (taste wise)

Milk chocolate for me. <*-*>

Ever since that one Easter morning, when I had white chocolate.... it was DISGUSTING!!

i almost tossed my cookies, so i like milk chocolate better.

milk choco. love dark chocolate too..


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