I have a cappuccino maker and cannot make good cappuccino. I've been using a powder, it's instant.?!

Question: Where do you get cappuccino to use in a machine? I know that the instant crap can't be what you use.

Answers: Where do you get cappuccino to use in a machine? I know that the instant crap can't be what you use.


You're right, you don't want to use the instant. Cappuccino is an espresso drink, so you need to start with suitable coffee beans for espresso. Choose good quality arabica beans, and lean toward a darker roast (but doesn't have to be the darkest, burnt roast). You should be able to find at your grocery store, or specialty coffee store. Easy to order fresh-roast coffee beans that are great for espresso online as well.

The grind is very important, you need a finer grind than you would normally use for making coffee in a drip machine or coffee press. Good espresso is all in the grind.

The basic recipe for a Cappuccino is 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 foamed milk.

Here's a good visual at http://gourmet-coffee-zone.com/coffee-dr... and some information on how to make a good cappuccino at http://gourmet-coffee-zone.com/coffee-re...


Finely ground dark roast coffee beans.
Most grocery chains will have it prepackaged.

use espresso, and foamed milk.

You are wasting your time. All you are ever going to get from one of these toys is coffee flavored chocolate milk.
IF you really want to make cappucino REAL CAPPUCINO buy a GOOD espresso machine, since that is the base for all the fru-fru drinks that have over 50% milk...

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