Which taste better (for an adult) breast milk or formula?!

Question: if we didnt have regular cows milk or goat milk or soy milk and only that formula and breast milk. which would taste better?!

Answers: if we didnt have regular cows milk or goat milk or soy milk and only that formula and breast milk. which would taste better?!

Breast milk lol Preferably someone hot

i hear human breast milk is sour.

ahhahahaha. wow, is the store really that far away? breast milk might be more fun i suppose...

I don't even want to go there, that's kinda sick. I have never tasted either & I have 2 kids. Formula smells like crap & they say that breast milk is sweeter but I'm not going to find out personally.

Don' t think I've ever had breast milk but I can tell you formula is NASTY!


breast milk heard it is sweeter

I've tried both and there both nasty, but if I had to choose then breast milk i guess, it's not as strong tasting

Actually, breast milk is very sweet, but adults don't require milk to live, so if we didn't have cows, goats or soy we just wouldn't drink it.

i'm breastfeeding and i've tasted it. tastes sweet and oily kinda like coconut milk. i never tasted formula, but i figure breastmilk is better.

Even a Calf won't drink "Breast Milk", after 5-6 months!'

They still end up weighing 350 -400 pounds!

Just from "grazing?"

I think not!

Do not drink that "Hormone infested Milk!"


LOL omg! YOu are such a freek! I can tell that you can't live a day without your girlfriend's t its. so similar to my boyfriend lol...

but to answer your question, um..., I dont know. I haven't taste breast milk since i was a baby so i don't remember how it taste. To take a good guess i'd probably say breast milk because i've herd that its more sweeter.

haha, have you ever seen that video with the cow sucking its own utters, do you think women who just gave birth does the same? ooo, that would be a nice question to post here :) OH and btw I believe breast milk is much sweeter then bland formula

uhh why would you drink either ide think breast milk would taste better formula is nasty for human adult

I prefer breast milk. Unfourtnatly my wife won't be having any more children so I am SOL! It dosn't stop me from trying though!

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