Do you like driving and what kind of car do you drive?!

Question: do you like driving and what kind of car do you drive

Answers: do you like driving and what kind of car do you drive

love driving, 07 vauxhall zafira

Audi tt

yes, BMW X5

Not really.

An Audi TT 3L Quattro

Love it. Mercedes CLK

bmw 318 coupe

Jaguar s-type 3litre Automatic Sports -- and yes its great fun

i have a little noddy car.

i love driving and i drive an audi a3

Yes, and a Lexus GS

nissan micra c+c convertable

Not any more since there are so many cars on our roads, and the standard of driving is so poor. Citroen.

2004 Chevy Monte Carlo SS - fire engine red

Why is this stored in non-alcholic drinks?

I drive a 2005 toyota corolla

but when I get my college degree I hope to get a BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus

I love driving!
I drive a cheap 51 reg Toyota Yaris.

S Type jag

Love it

It would depend on what I was driving. Driving for my job is no fun. Driving my 64 GTO which I rescued from rust is fantastic!

dodge ram 1500 srt

How amazing that everyone on here has an expensive 'cool' car!!!!!!!!

Of course, I'm sure that you're all telling the absolute truth.

I'm ashamed to admit that I mainly drive a Ford Transit, the van drivers vehicle of choice......................yes, I am White Van Woman!

I have my driver's licence but I don't feel confident about my driving, and i currently do not have a car.

I loved driving in my ancient old Fiesta, but I'm not as keen on my new Punto. :(

Reliant Robin super xxl gt quatro

Is it an EDIBLE car?

1) no
2) a VW Jetta.

I like driving, I drive a Honda Civic

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