Which energy drink is better? Monster, Rockstar, Amp'd, or Redbull?!

Question: ? Monsters ?

Answers: ? Monsters ?



Red Bull All Thee Wayy .. Makes Me Go Hyper ; ]

Monster has the best taste, but redbull usually is more of an 'energy' drink.


XS Energy is actually the best in my opinion, but my kids think that Rockstar is the best because of the flavor.


redbull all the way

Rockstar!!!! and after that, VitaminEnergy by VitaminWater- it tastes amazing, doesnt have anywhere near as many chemicals in it, and has 4 times as much caffiene in a regular size than one of the largest red bulls.

dont drink them there terrible for you son

you should only drink energy drinks when you really need it, for example in a race. you shouldn't drink them just for pleasure.


i've tried monster its nasty. i haven't tried any other. sorry.

RedBull. All the others are just copies. Redbull actually came out back in the 80's and is still going strong today, I doubt that those other energy drinks will last as long as redbull has.

definitely rockstar- the orange mango one, there's no punch/burn feeling in the back of your throat like the others...

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