What do you think of that Cravendale Milk? I think it's delicious.?!

Question: It is very yummy!

Answers: It is very yummy!

What part of the world is it sold?

i dont personally drink milk but my 2 sons think it is lovely and much nicer than normal milk

Nice and creamy. Delicious on Cornflakes.

milk doesnt really bother me but my dad swears by it, hes a bit of a snob actually and wont drink normal milk if I buy it him!!! cheeky bleeda!!

Yeah....even the Skimmed version tastes creamy!! Well worth paying that little bit extra! Its lovely!!

yes it is nice its what we get now and it tastes better than the other stuff we used to get

I bought it when it was on offer at my supermarket and I'm hooked. I tried a different versions but it's not the same. The best thing is that it last longer and stays fresh. One fab glass of calcium.

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