Which is better Dr. Pepper or Pepsi?!

Question: just asking

Answers: just asking

Dr. Pepper hands down!


Dr. Pepper! Drinking it right now =)


Dr Pepper

Flavoured Diet Dr Pepper, Berries & cream, Choc Cherry, black cherry.... mmmmm yummy

i think Dr. Pepper i love the berries and cream kind

pepsi, but I am drinking a coke right now!

Dr. Pepper for sure. I do enjoy wild cherry pepsi though.


I prefer Dr. Pepper!

I like Pepsi better.

Dr. Pepper, more flavor


both r drinks for thusty thing so u try tooo but ur thust completed by drink tyey r better

DR PEPPER I love Vanilla

Dr. Pepper...for sure!! Pepsi tastes bad!

Pepsi especially Wild Cherry Pepsi

We become accustomed to any drink, we can become used to any drink. I have always had Pepsi. There are many drinks that were pleasant but not great until I became used to them.

I do remember my first Dr.pepper. I liked it right away. unlike Pepsi that has a high caffeine content and has an addictive quality.
I'm a Pepper

Dr.Pepper :P

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