Would you like a tea/coffee?!

Question: How do you like yours?

Answers: How do you like yours?

i would love a cup of tea 2 sugars and milk and strong like my men thank you very much,so nice of you to ask ,what a nice person you are .


Tea for me please! With a small drop of milk and no suger and not to strong. Thank You!! : )

coffee light sweet and BIG!

Coffee. Carmel machiato (sp?) one pump vanilla is delecious!


tea milk 1 sugar good old english brew

Decaffeinated Coffee :Please

tea..........milk & 10 sugars!

Tea (lipton) with 3 sugars and half and half

coffee black thanks

I would like a refill of my coffee please I just ran out. I like it black please. Thanks :)

Hot coffee with cream and sugar substitute in the morning and Iced coffee with french vanilla cream and sugar substitute in the afternoon.

Rooibos tea with soya milk, no sugar. Ta

Choc. Flavored Decaf w/cream

coffee lots of cream and lots of sugar thanks

tea with lots of sugar

Coffee please - one sugar and a little cream. Thanks for asking :0)

I like them both, i have my coffe with double cream and sugar and my tea if its herbal then just sugar.

Please! Coffee with cream (not too strong please). If it's tea, I would LOVE it iced, unsweetened. Thanks! I feel so refreshed!

chrysanthemum tea is the best and it also prettyfying your skin

coffee please black with sugar

coffee...maybe a splash of milk and a lil sugar. but just coffee flavored coffee.

i want green tea.

coffie with extra creamer

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