What's the absolute worst coffee you've ever had?!

Question: the coffee in hotel rooms is terrible!

Answers: the coffee in hotel rooms is terrible!

My flatmate wanted to give me a treat so she mixed Tang orange flavoured powder in with nescafe. It was revolting. She is not a coffee drinker so she didn't know. I tried to drink it so as not to hurt her feelings but ended up gagging and racing for the bathroom.

Regular Starbucks coffee. It's bitter.

That is why they hide the taste with all those flavors and options.

dunkin donuts

I had some coffee in korea once that was abxolutely terrible, but the worst ever is Army coffee. It tastes like metal.

A 7-11 hazelnut with flavored cream. I had to toss it.

My roomie made it yesterday

i agree, whatever is in the hotels is terrible. puts a hole in my stomach.

I think its maxwell house.

the coffee in the vending machines at skating arenas....YUCK!
the coffee on international flights

Whats even worse is coffee from an auto shop. And I think its pathetic when people offer coffee as if it is some kind of cure all- its hot, barely flavored water that does not help with hunger.

Starbucks regular.

Well, one time I mistakenly put salt in my coffee instead of sugar. And I put in a LOT.

That was hands down the worst coffee.

I can't stand Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Also, I had Starbucks Christmas Blend one year and about spewed it out--to me it tasted like coffee with pine needles in it. Wicked stuff!!!!!

The coffee from the vending machines where i work......it tastes like poison,,,

Italian espresso in France,and on airplane flying to Italy

Any powdered instant coffee...i.e. Folger's Crystals.

Starbucks Sucks

Office coffee!
Either you have a machine with brown powders mixed together to form sludge, or you have filter coffee that has been sitting on a hot plate for hours until it smells like a public toilet.

The best, in contrast, is some coffee from Zimbabwe. Amazing, even better than Blue Mountain.

Worst coffee was dunkin donuts at 4:00 in the morning. I admit I was sobering up and my taste buds were not the greatest but the coffee was bad enough to know it was sludge.

The coffee at Starbucks tastes burnt and oily then there is the dish watery dreck at the Fiesta in Las Vegas - blech -enough to make a person have a coke with breakfast.

An espresso at the Tulsa, Ok, Memorial & 71st street OLIVE GARDEN. Luke warm plain coffee in my opinion. I am soooooo glad it was part of a complimentary meal...I absolutely would NOT have paid for it.


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