How do I make loose leaf tea? What is needed to make it?!

Question: I bought a bunch of tea from a tea shop but its not bagged. What is the best way to make it??

Answers: I bought a bunch of tea from a tea shop but its not bagged. What is the best way to make it??

Read the article listed in my source...Its not that long but its really descriptive. Tells you everything you need to brew loose tea and how to make it taste perfect! Hope it helps!

hot water, loose tea, and a diffuser. You can find a diffuser at any kitchen store, sometimes the grocery store. you can also make it by just letting the lose tea seep in the water and then straining it out with a cheesecloth or strainer.

You need a teapot & a tea strainer.

Average is 3/4 dessert spoon of loose tea per cup but you'll have to play with it to find the right quantity to suit your tastes.

You need a pot of boiling water or tea kettle and something to strain the bags with unless you want tea leaves floating in your cups. You can use a fine holed strainer or a tea holder. They look like stainless steel eggs w/holes in them to drain the tea out once it sets (steeps) in the boiling water long enough to flavor your water. (usually take 5-6 min to steep).
Maybe a little lemon or mile and sugar! Enjoy!

place a teaspoon of tea for each serving into a teapot....add boiling water and let steep for at least 5 mins...hold small strainer over cup as you pour to catch loose tea leaves.

Tea balls work also,but you get better flavor by letting the tea leaves fully expand.

Teapot.....two good teaspoons of loose tea....boiling water. leave pot to simmer for 2 minutes and then pour through a tea strainer into cup...
If you havent a tea strainer thats okay, but dont forget most of the tea lies at the bottom of the pot and therefor will pour out if you dont time it.
I find some freshly squeezed lemon in the tea is lovely and refreshing too....
Try iced tea in the milk just sugar and lemon and tea mixed and left in the fridge...lovely on a hot day.

This website covers the topic well, if you want to do it the proper way:

I'm not religious about it, though. I put a teaspoon of leaves in an infuser in a mug, and pour 8 oz. of water boiled in the microwave over it. For black tea, brew two to five minutes, and add milk and sugar as desired.

For green tea, use water that's just shy of boiling, or that's been allowed to cool a bit after reaching the boiling point. Steep for one to three minutes.

It's better to use an infuser (a metal filter basket) than a tea ball, because it lets the tea leaves fully open. You can usually find them in coffee shops as well as teashops, or online:

The nice thing about good loose green tea is that it can be brewed more than once. Lower the temperature of the water a little, and add half as much time as the last time you brewed it to the steeping time. Don't reuse leaves that have dried out, though.

you can literally pour hot water or boiling water over the tea leaves in a glass, and drink from the glass. Just be careful not to get tea leaves in your mouth. Spit them out.

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