What happened to 7UP?!

Question: I heard somewhere at a gas station that they stopped making 7UP. Is this true?

Answers: I heard somewhere at a gas station that they stopped making 7UP. Is this true?

What has happened is that sales for 7UP are down due to the popularity of Sprite and Sierra Mist.

That might be what they were talking about, speculating that 7UP might be discontinued because of slower sales.

I read this awhile ago, and remember it.

Edna Was Here.

Better not be!

I've heard mixed opinions on it. 7up is a drpepper product, and it seems that they didn't cease production so much as seira mist outdid them

no i have seen it before in like walmart i think it was!

Looks like it, I don`t remember the last time I`ve seen it in stores. I think it was some time just 2 years ago though.

Well I got news for you. I'm a grocery receiver at a store in my town. I receive 7UP along with the other pops and we still continue to order it and get it. They haven't stopped making it and I don't know who would have told you that cuz that's a lie.

I'm drinking it right now lol Ya and I work at a grocery store n trust me they would tell us if they discontinued it

No I have one near me!

I saw it at walmart today

Just bought some at Kroger's.

omg i love 7 up its sooooo good and if they take that away im gonna have to bust some heads ............ JK ...JK .... JK ...LOL NOOOO IM NOT LIKE THAT.....

No its not..

That's odd, as I saw cases of it at my local store

No way I love 7UP They still sell it at my grociery store and they even made new flavors.

No, it is everywhere! It switched to all natural about a year ago and it tastes like it is missing something but they still make it.

No!!!! they are still being produced!

i told my company to stop making it=) hahahahah

It's still around. It's just not so visible next to all the new citrus drinks out there.

its still in bars

nope, i had some just a few weeks ago

but i will say that it is getting harder to find

No, unfortunately they still make the nasty stuff! UGH! =(

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