My nan used to like camp coffee, it came in a bottle and was liquid (do you remember it)?!

Question: more to the point I have fond memories of it but my mum says it was rubish

Answers: more to the point I have fond memories of it but my mum says it was rubish

You can still buy it, tesco sell it, it is still in original size glass bottle.

Ohh God yes - it was soooo strong - my Mom wouldnt let me drink it!

I'm sure you cans till get it!

It's chicory extract, not coffee. Never tried it myself but it smelled a bit nasty.

My mum still drinks it, lol

It was/is vile.... think it was a chicory coffee drink and if I'm not wrong still available at supermarkets... Yuk!

Funny you should say that. I saw it recently in Sainsbury and thought about getting some for cooking. My Dad was also a great fan of it.

Yep - it can now be found in Tesco high above the instant coffee shelves.

Yes ,I used to like it,but tried some fairly recently and your mum is quite right it is rubbish.Just shows you,don,t live in the past!

Yes I used to like it made with milk, it's chicory extract.

yeah it was chicory flavour that's why it was strong

Still in the shops and supermarkets. Good for flavouring desserts mainly, but not much else. It used to be used as a coffee substitute, hence the rubbish reputation.

Yes.It had chicory essence in it.I think it had a picture of a guy in a safari helmet on it,and a tent in the background.

Oh yes! I used to love the stuff as a kid. My paternal grandmother always used to have a supply and used to make me very sweet, milky coffee with it when I was a child. I can still taste it now... er, not literally, of course.

You can buy it to this very day at places such as

remember it well, you can still buy it, and its mostly used for baking etc

I liked it but it contained Chicory which put some people off. I also remeber Chop Sauce, mentioned in another of your questions.

Camp coffee is not a `has-been`, it is very much a favourite in the twenty-first century! I always have a bottle of it in my cupboard. It is called `coffee` but is in fact a chicory mixture and only vaguely tastes of coffee. I like it as a `different` tasting drink, I don`t think of it as coffee.

It was the only coffee my Dad would drink, so it was the only one my mum would buy. The first time I drank nescafe instant. I thought it was wonderful.

i used to think it was great then i grew up it is coffee with chicory extract in it.
but got out of favour as i tried a lot of other coffee such as expresso mocha late etc so not a fan of it any more

Douwe Eggbert from the Netherlands still makes a concentrated liquid coffee, mostly for commercial use but it may be available in European markets.

Your Mom is wrong its ggrrrrrreaat. Still going strong. Its one of those iconic products of our time. Never to be forgotten.!!!!

I remember this when i was a child it was really strong , You can still get it

It was wonderful made with boiling water then sweetened and whitened with condensed milk, it wasn't coffee but a completely different drink

i remember it my grandad used to have it

Yes saw it in Asda v recently

yes they still sell it asda about £1.40 i think

I once put it on me chips by mistake ......yuck what a shock .
so you see I do remember it.

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