Why doesn't monster energy drink boost my energy?!

Question: all i get from it is a very slight boost, but nothin much, and then a big crash.

Answers: all i get from it is a very slight boost, but nothin much, and then a big crash.

Most of the "energy drinks" that are on the market contain 90-100 milligrams of caffeine. That's alot more than the 35-50 milligrams contained in a standard cola drink, but it's also alot less than the 130-160 milligrams contained in a standard cup of coffee.

If you're looking for a caffeine "rush", then you're better off with coffee, but with anything that causes your heart rate to accelerate...bear in mind that it'll also get tired and when the caffeine wears off, you do get an enormous "crash" and tired feeling.

well stop drinking it...and stick to drugs

You need to drink Powerthirst!

because it works differently on people but usually it does not work so im guessing the makers are in it for the money

idk i get nothin off it either, but i drink one almost everyday just cuz i like the taste. makes great mixed drinks. try with rum and sweet and sour mix.(if ur old enough)

it actualy doesnt boost ur energy, their called energy boosters because it makes your mind feel like you have alot of energy when you actually dont.

Probably becasue you have drank so much of it that now you are immune to it

I'm sure that all they all do. Its mostly sugar that gives you the boost. Try fruit smoothies.

Wow, by sheer coincidence I just finished reading a Consumer's Report, on ALL energy drinks. People don't quite understand all energy drinks. They ALL HAVE 4 basic ingredients. Red Bull, etc. Those 4 items are sugar, caffiene, Ginsing, and South American Guarana. Everybodies absorbtion rate is different. Empty stomache, or after a meal. This all matters. Height, weight, etc. One thing they do, is raise blood pressure. They have purpose. If you have to drive, and stay awake, for a real purpose to get somewhere urgent, they'll keep you pumped up. Hope I helped. Dennis B.

Well, you're lucky. Stop drinking that crap. It's no good for you. It usually works, then gives everyone a big crash. Big crashes are no good.

drink more. i like chug the can before a foot ball game i feel like i could run 300 miles

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