I love coffee...someone tell me a really good one to try...?!

Question: either at home, or at a specialty coffe shop?

Answers: either at home, or at a specialty coffe shop?

I love coffee too. If you dont want to go to a specialty shop then try chocolate flavor. Its a sweet, dark flavor. Let me know what you think.

dunno but if u wanna be healthy drink green tea


Try adding Latte Creations to any coffee. Vanilla is nice.

Get a Tuxedo From Starbucks the best!! or a Java Chip Frappocino

dunkin doughnuts! yum!

Get Jacobs or Gold

cant beat gold blend ;)

starbucks ;]

i drink Starbuck's breakfast blend at home. it is not bitter at all. i have tried almost everything out there. this one is my favorite.

8 O CLOCK COFFEE...They have different Flavors. It's AWESOME! Kinda addicting though.

8 O' Clock coffee isn't bad. It's 100% Arabica and they don't mix in the cheaper Robusta beans like they do in most canned coffees. I'll grind the whole bean stuff at home if I'm too lazy to roast. The ground stuff doesn't seem fresh to me.

If you want to taste what coffee is really supposed to taste like... Buy the world's best green beans from Sweet Maria's, roast and grind your own coffee and try it FRESH. You won't believe how good it is and how many subtle flavors there are in coffee!!! I'd recommend a dry processed (or just about any) coffee from Ethiopia if you like sweet, fruity and chocolaty...

You can roast coffee in a hot air popcorn popper off eBay. It has to be the type with the air outlet fins on the sides, not a screen on the bottom of the chamber. Directions are on the site. http://www.sweetmarias.com/airpopmethod.... Roasting just about any coffee maybe 20 seconds into the second crack comes out excellent in a stock corn popper. I collect the chaff (skins) that comes out of the spout in a metal collander. When the coffee's done, I dump the chaff in the garbage, dump the beans into the collander and cool them with a hair dryer that has a no heat trigger button. I'd probably stop the roast a little earlier if my cooling method wasn't so quick. There is a lot of smoke and it's best done outdoors or near a fan blowing out a window.. There are small roasters sold to make things even simpler. I use a Poppery II which is an excellent coffee roaster. http://cgi.ebay.com/WEST-BEND-POPPERY-II...


The Braun coffee mill is pretty nice place to start for grinding drip coffee from your own beans. It will grind espresso in a pinch... http://www.amazon.com/Braun-KMM30-Coffee... Something like the Maestro Plus would give you a more even grind with less heat and dust. It is also better capable of coarse grinds for press pot coffee or fine, even grinds for espresso makers. http://www.amazon.com/Baratza-Maestro-Co...

EDIT: I forgot about the refurb deals. That's how I bought my Maestro. http://www.baratza.com//refurb.php

We also have one of those Senseo machines I use when I'm in a hurry. It makes a pretty smooth cup of coffee very quickly. It seems to extract the coffee perfectly for a very balanced flavor, although the pods available aren't super fresh or super high quality. The coffee comes out with a foamy crema on top that lasts a good while. I like the medium roast pods and the Paris vanilla / caramel flavored ones. I use 1 pod to an 8oz cup and it comes out great. A frothy cup of Senseo Paris vanilla with some creamer and sugar tastes MUCH like a pricy coffee drink from Starbucks. Put a little whipped cream on top and maybe a chocolate covered espresso bean... people will think you just made them a fancy flavored Cappuccino drink using an espresso machine and milk steamer.

There was a promotion where they were giving away refurbished Senseo machines for just $15.00 shipping and handling and you were supposed to pimp them out to your friends and hand out $20.00 off coupons. The promotion is over, but the machines people got can still be bought cheap on eBay... or the $20.00 off coupons... http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll... Amazon.com has good deals on the Senseo pods.

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