Pepsi or coke???!

Question: i love diet coke but drink pepsi what is that

Answers: i love diet coke but drink pepsi what is that

Pepsi! It tastes less gassy and has a nicer flavour than Coke

Diet coke

coke is no joke...

that's lame

but coke

definitely coke, Pepsi has a nesty after-taste

pepsi, but i prefer vanilla coke.

Diet Coke

I like Coke myself but don't drink it much. Pepsi is too sweet tasting to me.

diet pepsi, diet coke doesn't fill me

Same with me.
Diet coke is my favorite, but will have pepsi when it's there.


pepsi is better!

your moms ***!!!!!

Pepsi dont know why, it just tastes better

Coke of course.

Cherry Coke :-)

Coke, definitly

I like diet coke, its so addictive. and I like diet cherry coke too.

Regular Coke

Coke definitely

Pepsi is full of sugar, but Coke is not.
Pepsi little gasey, but coke has alot.
Coke is the best

Pepsi, I don't find it as sweet as coke.

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