Does the green ICE tea have the same benefits as the green hot tea?!

Question: i mean the bottled green ice tea as lipton or nestea

Answers: i mean the bottled green ice tea as lipton or nestea

No. It is more heavily processed, so it has lower antioxidant levels. It also usually contains added sweeteners which may not be good for you. Honest Tea is one brand that doesn't add unnecessary ingredients. mean in comparison to the stuff in the tea bag?
(b/c you could just pour nestea into a coffee cup and nuke it)


the stuff from tea bags is most likely more natural, without the additives.

depends on strength, some green tea bags are really strong and contain lots of antioxidants and good ol caffiene but there is also some really weak green tea out there too.

For a quick and dirty answer i would go with no because the likelyhood of them being the same are really low, but that is not to say that they couldn't have the same amount.

The hot and cold should have the same ingredients therefore be the same for you. However, in most iced or bottled things, suppliments and vitamins are usually added since they won't cook out. Check the labels to be sure. Hope this helps!!!!

I hear they have lots of sugar in the cold packaged one. You'd be better off brewing your own hot green tea, let it cool in your fridge and drink it without all that sugar

If you make it at home, yes, but the processed and bottled does not.

Heron is right. If you check the ingredients of thos bottles, you'll notice ingredients you've never heard before. the best thing to do is to brew your own green tea, and serve it over ice. Add natural sweetener and I'm sure your drink will taste 100% better than any bottled drink. Plus you'll know exactly what was put into it.

Any green tea bags from the grocery store are fine. Celestial Seasoings, Tazo, Republic of Tea, Stash, Lipton, etc.

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