If I make a gallon pitcher of sweet tea how long is it okay to drink?!

Question: I made it last Monday and it has been refrigerated since then.

Answers: I made it last Monday and it has been refrigerated since then.

if it is freshly brewed tea pour it out it will be full of bacteria that could make u all sick, if it is canned icea tea mix then it is ok to drink as long as it is properly refridgerated...

Pour it down the drain.

As long as it's been refrigerated, a week ought to be okay, but not much longer! I've had lots of folks tell me that you need to drink it within 24 hours, but I usually can't drink a whole pitcher in that amount of time.

i would probably be fine drinking it - i think it's more of a personal preference (my wife for instance wouldn't drink it past 3 days; whereas, I would)

if you don't finish it off today, i would get rid of it

i would say 4 days max. If you made yours a week ago, I would pitch it. It might be perfectly fine, but is it really worth the risk? it could be crawling with bacteria.

Sweet tea is only good to drink for about 3 to 5 days. Pour it down the drain.

Pour it down the drain. Like 4 days would be the most you could drink it

I think it's really up to the person and what they like. "I" think that after it being made for that long, it starts to taste bitter. I'd not drink it after 3 days. However if you purchase a gallon of tea pre made, it stays good longer.

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