Coffee lovers...?!

Question: Starbucks or Peets'?

Answers: Starbucks or Peets'?

I go to a gas station near where I live and they are world wide so you may have on in your area. Speedway / Starvin marvins and I really like their French Vanilla Cappicino, a Dr I use to work with would laugh at me and say " did you stop and get the welfare version of star bucks this morning" I told him it was cheaper.

Starbucks Hands Down.
I Love Starbucks.
They're Just That Amazing.!!!

Oh, god...neither. That stuff is not for "coffee lovers". It's for those who either think they look hip with a mermaid cup in their hands, or need a quick caffeine fix.

neither. my money is to dear to spend on over priced coffee.

I like Panera Breads myself.

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