Paying $1.75 for a bottle of Vitamin Water seems steep. Is this the norm or am I being cheap?!

Question: I'm drinking dragonfruit!

Glaceau Vitamin Water

Answers: I'm drinking dragonfruit!

Glaceau Vitamin Water

That seems a little pricey. I usually pay $1.25. Buy it in bulk if you like it alot. Dragonfruit rules.

expensive! Cheaper to buy regular vitamins and take it daily with a glass of water and youll probably get more benefits,

its a rip off, Its just another stupid fad drink, it all started with Snapple

just buy a whole pack from cosco.. it will be cheaper..

$1.75 for a bottle isnt too bad. Its cheaper if you buy them from a grocery store if you only want a few but your best bet is buying in bulk from costco

This vitamin water trend is something I just don't get. When I was a teenager we all drank the 20oz sodas (which were new back then), and Snapple, Mystic, etc. There's no way I would spend a whole dollar on a simple bottled drink. Beverage companies are making a fortune off people, because they cost about 15 cents to make.

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