Sprite or Seiara Mist?!

Question: In other words... Coca-Cola or Pepsi products? I prefer Coca-cola

Answers: In other words... Coca-Cola or Pepsi products? I prefer Coca-cola

mee too...coca cola taste better than pepsi..its too sweet for me!!! coke is yummier..plus, coke floatsrock!! try making one with vanilla or chocolate ice cream..i also love cherry and vanilla coke!! and lime coke too..i like sprite better cuz it was the original..make this punch!! so creamy nd refreshing! 2 liter bottle of sprite....fruit punch..about 3 cups...a lot of vanilla ice cream..pineapple juice and chunks..about 1 can..mix everything togethr..so good!

If it's Sierra Mist with Cranberry, then definently yes.


I prefer Jasmine tea myself

Sprite, but if I absolutly have to I will tolerate Sierra Mist, but I try not to drink it as its to sweet for me also to much lime flavor. Limes for me only good for one thing. Margarhitas!..lol u get the idea

doesn't matter to me

Sprite DUHHHHH! It's wwwaaaaayyyyy more original!!!! Think about it!

well, i'm kinda weird. I like Coke, but I like Sierra Mist, which is a Pepsi product.

Sierra Mist

But overall - Pepsi - diet pepsi to be specific.

sierra mist

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