Do u have a sweet tooth?!

Question: yeap

Answers: yeap

yup for coconut squares covered in chocolate

mmmmm chacolate

sometime i do when i really bite into a sweet thing then yeah.

yeah for fruit no

I still have to have something sweet after a meal. Mom baked virtually every day and grandpa worked for a bakery. I think I have more than one sweet tooth!!

No! Never have. I have a seafood tooth, a noodles Romanoff tooth, a prime rib tooth, a salmon tooth, a beer tooth, but never got the sweet tooth thing. The only sweet thing I'm really even into is canollies.

I don't think I really have a sweet tooth. I like chocolate, but I like the dark kind (less sugar). If I have a "drink" I prefer a sour one. I like to snack on crunchy salty stuff. I will pick pickles and veggies before candy or cookies. And ... I don't like cake.

Good Luck with your survey.

A mouth full of them.

Yes, I have a very sweet tooth, especially for chocolate! :)

well yes and no

yes because when i am watching tv it shows some one eating something

no because i perfer spicy food

I use to not anymore row sushi.

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