What is the best soda?!

Question: rootbeer or cream soda or jones.

Answers: rootbeer or cream soda or jones.



By far, A&W Root Beer!

ewww...I don't drink soda.
gave it up for Lent 3 years ago, and haven't any since.

The orange kind!!!


Jones soda is delicious and healthy for you and I love it!

If you want to stay slim then the best soda is the one that stays in the can!

jones bubble gum


pepsi by far!!!! i drink over 5 cans a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

either jones cream soda or jones fu-fu berry soda, they are wicked good!!!!

Some of the best sodas are the ones you can make at home, trust me it works. Just google homemade soda or root beer for some ideas on how to do it. but overall Coke and Mt. Dew are my tops.

The only time I drink soda is if I'm on a plane or have a stomach ache. Then I drink Giner Ale. Otherwise, soda is horrible for your body and I never drink it.

grape ,cream soda ,root beer ,Dr.pepper,pepsi,orange,:)

dr. pepper
mountain dew


cherry pepsi, fanta, and limca, which is from coke company.

Coca-cola is the best!

coca-cola and pepsi

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