LDS, do you bring cola home from the store in a brown paper bag?!

Question: Sneaking in the occasional starbucks grande latte , 'eh? LOL

Answers: Sneaking in the occasional starbucks grande latte , 'eh? LOL

Um, "cola".....that's cute.

Yep! No just kidding there's nothing wrong with cola as far as I'm concerned, besides the carbonation ;) (Yes I'm Mormon)

Naah. I prefer plastic. Easier to carry. ;)

Nope. I carry my 24 pack of Dr. Pepper out in the open for all to see.

The Church's official stance on caffinated pop is: Not recommended, not forbidden.

So, no I bring my cola home like any normal person.

I prefer to call it "pop" and no, I don't.

no - I'm too far gone for that -- I quit hiding my Dr Pepper about 8 years ago...

But when the local store stocks up on Diet Caff-free Mtn Dew, my hubby takes the truck down and restocks his year supply... although he falls off the wagon about 4x per year and has to go for the fully-loaded stuff sugar & caffeine! [especially for scout camp & the 50 miler]

No, wehehehehe xD

Plastik Punk... thanks for being so honest, now I want to admit that when I buy my Vodka, I come home drinking it from the bottle xD

No I bring my tequila home in a brown paper bag. And when I buy beer I tell the cashier it's for the snails eating my garden.

I don't buy cola drinks at all. I consider them to be habit forming and therefore contrary to wisdom.
However, I admit to consuming too much sugar which is also bad for me. I'm trying to control my sweet tooth.

Once I was at the store, my arms full of 4 2-liter bottles of Dr. Pepper and I ran into a neighbor who also happens to be a counselor in the stake presidency. I was a little embarassed but I started to crack up when I saw his wife: her arms were full of pepsi.

Everyone thinks that because we don't drink tea or coffee it's the caffeine, but soda isn't forbidden, just not recommended. I love my Dr. Pepper!

Heck no- I let everyone see me buy it.

I don't really buy any cola that much any more.

No but maybe I should.


Rac and I choose similar paths. Although not forbidden, I don't drink caffeinated colas because an early prophet suggests not to do so. I seldom drink soda pop, but prefer juices and water.

I am a chocoholic, however, and love Oreo's and Hershey's. Fast Sundays are always good for me because I can put the sugar aside for a while.

i love beer, apple beer that is, but i put my monster's in a brown paper bag if you know what i

Yes. A very big brown paper bag.

At first, I it's out there for everyone to see! Now what I do hide is my occasional bouts with smoking. That has been the hardest thing for me to give up.

Pepsi, I've been addicted to since I was 16! I thought I'd have to give it up when I became LDS! What a relief....I have had to make many changes! More will be forthcoming!!!

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