Kitkat and a cuppa tea?!

Question: in work on Y/A havin a kit kat an a cuppa tea. what more could you want???

Answers: in work on Y/A havin a kit kat an a cuppa tea. what more could you want???

I've just had one too, orange kit kat and cuppa.

sounds good to me

You've got the life.

i know, right?

I could want the Kit Kat from the fridge....

Coffe and a hobnob?

Nothing! How soon can you get it here?!

Well only not to be in work - but we can't have everything!

Sounds B.E.A.Utiful!!!
Wish could join you!



Make sure its a milky cup of tea tho! :)

I thought for a moment you were at m hairdressers, that's what they offer you!

switch the cup of tea to a cup of coffee & i'll completely agree with you :D

It truely is the good life isnt it!

I would have a danish and a cup of hot cocoa.

wow! kitkat is very very delicious with its rich chocolatey filling and crunchy wafers uhmmmm!!!!!!!!! tea, well, it is very relaxing! Wonderful idea! PERFECT COMBINATION

Can I have a job with you please?

umm...not much!! maybe just another kit kat and a big box og doughnuts for me!!lol

Lovely. Just had some choc too.

a cup of coffee and a cream bun .........yummy

just another kitkat and another cup of tea

Not a lot you are in heaven

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