Do starbucks Baristas make as good as coffee at home as they do at their job?!

Question: if not, what's the difference

Answers: if not, what's the difference

Not all baristas are created equal, and that goes for Starbucks as well. Some of the baristas at Starbucks are very passionate about coffee and strive to be great and skillful at preparing espresso drinks. For others, its just a job.

It's hard to make a sweeping generalization, but you will definitely find baristas at Starbucks that can and do prepare better coffee drinks at home.

For a barista that really wants to master the technique, it's actually not that difficult to do a better job at home because Starbucks doesn't set the bar that high. A home barista will need at least a decent espresso machine and definitely a burr grinder to get the grind right. Both a bit on the expensive side, but a barista who is really and truly into the coffee thing will find a way to have a setup at home.


Yes, a girl at school use to bring drinks for her favorite teacher.

I clean a house for a women with two older girls....she and one of her daughters both work at Starbucks, they have all this cool coffee making equipment, and whenever I come to clean they make me coffee, BETTER than Starbucks!!!

I would say the equipment they have at home would be the major difference

yes they do try it

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