Coke,Coke Zero , Diet Coke or Diet Coke Plus ?!

Question: Diet Coke Plus vitamins
Coke Zero

these are the nicest


Answers: Diet Coke Plus vitamins
Coke Zero

these are the nicest


COKE ZERO! IT tastes great and is an awesome replacement for the coke lovers!

that doesnt make any difference

Coke zero

none of them but if i had to choose, coke zero. im a pepsi max girl though

personally i like coke...ive never tried diet coke plus

original coke for me...tall glass, lots of ice and a slice of lime.....ok i am off to the fridge.....

Coke fro me....the rest all taste like diet coke anyway :-P Did u taste the coke orange ...that was foul...tasted like 19p shop brand coke lol

That is just confusing !

I huv tae go fur original "fat" coke every time!! Once they start fartin' aboot wi' it, it's just no' the same!!!

I only like Coke or Cherry Coke

Coke Zero's the best, but it can't be zero sugar otherwise it wouldn't taste sweet.

pepsi or coke in a glass bottle

Coke. I sure wish I liked Coke Zero, I have sure tried!

cherry coke zero
but ive never had orange coke

cherry coke diet

just coke but it has to be the classic coke the one that comes in the metallic cans not the new one the plain red coloured one.

Personally, the original tastes the best, but I'm not a big soda drinker. I have an issue with artificial sweeteners. I don't think they're healthy at all, they have not been around long enough to study the long-term side effects. I was talking to a doctor recently who believes firmly that humans are experiencing an increase in motor neurone disease and other related disorders due to the artificial sweeteners used in our food and drinks. What's wrong with good old sugar if used in moderation? Sorry, didn't mean to go off on a tangent! :o)

Diet coke

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