Snapple or Arizona brand ice tea....?!

Question: Which one do you like best and why?

Answers: Which one do you like best and why?

Of those 2 Arizona hands down. Snapple is a watery yucky tasting tea. Arizona regular tea or with lemon. (I don't care for the combos with green tea, I like green tea without extra stuff in it.) For an even better tea, try Tradewinds brand. That is really good!!!

We love the Arizona Arnold Palmer Tea. It is the best blend of lemonade and tea, without a ton of sugar.

indisputably "snapple", there are a lot of motives:
1) i'm live in Russia, i hear only about Snapple
2) In books when author describe great status of person, he mention that person drink only Snapple, but don't Arizona
3) Snapple more long on market then Arizona

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