I'm trying to find a Starbucks drink w/ espresso that I like. I had the caramel latte and didn't like it.!

Question: Any suggestions??

Answers: Any suggestions??

Our most popular drinks are vanilla lattes, white chocolate mochas, and the caramel macchiatto. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with a black and white mocha.

I'm always a fan of the vanilla latte!

I also love the vanilla lattes!!! But I get them light or skinny. There's no difference in taste.

white chocolate mocha
peppermint mocha
caramel machiatto
toffee nut latte
cafe mocha
pumpkin spice latte
hazelnut latte
gingerbread latte

if you want it sweeter, just ask for more pumps of syrup.

i'd say try a real coffee shop, for starters.
starbucks = bleh might-as-well-just-go-to-quiktrip-coffee

or, if youre a diehard starbucks guy (which, lets be honest, they all seem to be for some godforsaken reason) try this, my alltime fav personally:
small white mocha, add a pump of caramel, & a 2 pumps of Monin Toffeenut flavoring. oh, & an extra shot of espresso of course.

OH: & a "black and white mocha" is a "zebra" mocha.

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