White grape juice or red grape juice?!

Question: IM IN SUCH A DILEMA :)

i have both...


i have both...

i know how to solve your problem.....the answer from the gods....MIX THEM BOTH TOGETHER!!!!

red grape juice


white. :P

I love the white grape juice, but red is good also.

white grape juice seems a little bit more tart than red, and the red does stain.

Go the RED!

Red grape juice!! (white- what??)

r u crazy if i were u i would just drink water!!!!


White grape juice is my favorite!

i like white.


Red grape juice, especially concord (Welches) is full of antioxidants that are good for your heart and prevent cancer. This is the same stuff that makes red wine good for you.

White grape juice has minimal amounts. Just make sure its 100% juice, and not "grape drink" otherwise you may as well be drinking soda.

white ... it seems to have a "richer," smoother flavor .... and won't stain if you spill any:)

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