Is soymilk good for you?!

Question: is it good for a diet ? better than milk ?

Answers: is it good for a diet ? better than milk ?

It comes in whole, 2% and non-fat, just like milk... so the calories would be similar. It's very healthy for you too; especially if you're a woman. Vanilla soymilk (I like whole) is wonderful!

It is the same but milk is more better.

Yes, if you can stand to get it down.

not sure but it tastes bloody disgusting,can't imagine it will be better for you than milk but I could be wrong.

honestly it depends, it has complete protein (all of the amino acids) and milk does not. Soy milk also has less saturated and trans fat than whole and 2% milk but soy milk is a natural source of estrogen, so if your a woman going through menopause its recommended but if your a boy going through puberty it is not. Soy milk also does not contain any lactose wich many people are sensitive too. Be carefull though for the flavored varieties many contain lots of sugar, check the label.

Soy milk is good but needs sugar to taste good. The best all around milk for babies etc is Goat's milk. It's more expensive than cow's milk but is much better for allergies.

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