My cousin can't stop drinking Pepsi.......................!

Question: she is 13 and drinks Pepsi 2 times a day. I tried to help her stop but she can't. I don't want to give up on her. How do I help her?

Answers: she is 13 and drinks Pepsi 2 times a day. I tried to help her stop but she can't. I don't want to give up on her. How do I help her?

Really, if that's the worst thing that she does, I'd let it go.

Besides which, it is very near impossible to change a person. This is not being pessimistic; it's just that to truly change any person, yourself included, you have to accomplish it within the subconscious mind.

And about the only way to do that is through hypnotism.

And hypnotism is a voluntary activity for the most part.

Finally though, thanks for caring. I'm addicted to cola products and at my age, it starts to mess up things. The world would be better off without caffeine.

its better than drinking mountain dew like i do, girl i drink mountain dew like water. like at least 4 20oz a day.

Why do you want to force your cousin into doing things that you want? Live and let live. Don't criticize people. Treat people the way you want to be treated. That is what Jesus would do.

Remove the pepsi from the house. Or, buy 2liter bottles and slowly water them down.

It's not going to hurt her.She'll probably grow out of it. Get her some of the caffeine free.

take it from her and dump it down the toilet evrytime u see her doing it and take her stache of pepsi if she has one and drink it urself.

remove it from the house

she is only saying she cant. trust me i am a pepsi whore myself just tell her what can happen if she keeps it up. drink them all if that fails if you cant do invite me over i can drink them with out stoping. one time i drank 12 in a few hours felt fine. but its very bad for anyone!

Lol be glad it's pepsi and not crack or meth. She's not addicted it's just that she likes it, cut her some slack.=) ~~Peace~~

pepsi is a wonderful thing.....


Has she tried crystal light? its sooo yummy!!

2 times a day is average...i wouldnt worry about it, just get her to switch to diet if she's over weight or doesnt get much exercise. other than that, she's fine....coke is sooo much better though.

see if she will drink diet Pepsi no mountain dew studies show rots your teeth faster.

neither can't I????/

wth is moutain dew? lol

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