Are there any negatives to drinking lemonade?!

Question: I drink lemonade all the time. I love lemonade!! I think I am addicted. So is there anything wrong with me drinking lemonade 24/7?

Answers: I drink lemonade all the time. I love lemonade!! I think I am addicted. So is there anything wrong with me drinking lemonade 24/7?

yes the sugar and the acid will make your teeth enamel weak and try to make the real lemonade from real lemons
try the organic lemonade they are good
knudsen? or something like that
if life gives you lemons make lemonade!!

yea, the more u drink the fatter ull get... its better then soda but dont try mikes hard lemonade =P and some brands are sugar ampped so the worst that can happen is getting fat, hyper, or losing taste for it one day,,,

No, lemons are really good for you. Just make sure you don't put too much sugar in it. Oh, I hope you're not talking about that powder stuff, cuz yes, that wouldn't be good to drink all the time. Read the ingredient list. Anyway, real lemonade is really good for you.

The sugar (and other additives, depending on brand) could cause you to put on a lot of weight, as with most fizzy drinks. If you're having home-made lemonade then it's better because you are still getting lots of water, fruit, and then you only have to work off the sugar. I'm sure your diet is good otherwise and you exercise it should be fine.

At least you won't get scurvy!!

i am no sure, obviously its not good to drink too much sugar. i would suggest to buy diet lemonade therefore it isn't too fattening

It's full of sugar (or artificial sweeteners) so it could make you gain weight. I don't think the lemon content is high enough that the citric acid would damage the lining of your stomach, but it's a remote possibility.

Maybe, but really it's just water with some flaving. You might be getting too much sugar though. It can also give you heartburn and make you pee a lot.

A llittle bit is fine, and MUCH better than soda, but drink too much and you will gain fat, as well as having your teeth rot. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!

So long as it is very low in sugar and coloring, and it is real lemonade.

too much sugar is, obviously, not good for your teeth. Also, the citrus acid will weaken the enamel on your teeth if you drink too much strong lemonade

Lemons are good for you and low in calories. Try using less sugar or sugar free sweetner. If you drink too close to bedtime you may get acid reflux.

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