Wat the best tasting energy drink i've tryed some but i didn't like then?!

Question: try coca-cola

Answers: try coca-cola

Tab tastes the best...can't stand the colour of the can though, lol.

it all depends on your personal preference. I like monster the best.

did you try rockstar energy drinks? i think they taste pretty good.

Red Bull.

extra joss or redbull

I really like no fear from sobe but rockstars are good 2. And if you can find it, woopass (it was made im my town!)

rooster boosters are the best

Bawls. It tastes like cream soda.

they have Rockstar juiced ones that are half juice. they are really good and have flavors like pomegranate and guava. I'm craving one right now....

The Amp ones are good, they have a green one and red one, both tasty

Red Bull

Java Monster is the only energy drink I have ever actually liked. It tastes like coffee and they have three flavors, I like vanilla bean the best.

I like Mt Dew Amp and Full Throttle Fury, its the one in the red can. Amp tastes like a slightly sour Mt. Dew and Fury tastes like Orange Tang.


I think Full Throttle is Good. The Black, Blue and Green Cans are the best. The Red/Orange isnt bad either. My favorite is "Bad Mother" its the Green Can.

Water. Seriously. Most energy drinks are just high caffiene, sugar and Guarana - none of which are good for you. In an ideal world, if you get enough sleep, eat correctly, with a good balance of carbs and protein, sugar and vitamen, and get plenty of excersise, you don't need an energy drink. This is impossible, however.
Still, drinking an energy drink is deceptive, because it give you a quick burst of energy - like a candy bar - then a quick let down - like a candy bar - but it doesn't make you feel full or guilty - unlike a candy bar. You wouldn't eat 6 candy bars, but you might drink 6 energy drinks, and they are worse for you. Most of them have as much sugar as a candy bar. So, if in the middle of the afternoon you need a quick wake me up - have a snickers! It has more nutritional value then they double shot. It has nuts and sugar and milk and stuff. If it's dark chocolate, it will be even better for you. Just remember, this is the lesser of 2 evils. neither of them is a replacement for clean living.
And drink water. It's really good for you.


70% of first timers say that Red Bull does not taste good. Of those, 37% become regular "users" due to the benefits of the ingrediants. RED BULL GIVES YOU WIIINGS!!

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