Does flavoured water just as good as normal water or is it bad?!

Question: does it count to your daily amount

Answers: does it count to your daily amount

If you are referring to bottled flavored water it is worse as it has sugar added to it amongst others....
Fructose is just as bad as sugar and artificial sweetner (aspartame is really bad for you) is even worse.

Depends how it is made. A little pure fruit added is fine - but look for salt, sugar and additives and check calories on the bottle.

flavoured water is just as good for you as normal water and does count to your daily amount

yes thats if it dosent have too much sugar and salt. added to it.

I prefer normal water, why add flavourings and chemicals to something perfectly good and wholesome?

Whats wrong with good old tap water.

It was on the todays show they are just sugar flavored water and the only good water is the good old just plain water

I think certain makes are better than others.

It is just as good as normal wtaer but then again it depends on what kind of flavour you prefer if you really have a craving for peach or strawberry go for it. Just check the calories.

Reg. water is always better for u..

If I wanted a flavoured water, either tap or bottled, I would rather put in some fresh juice from an orange or something in than buy a pre-flavoured one. They usually have sweeteners in them, and they are not the best things on this planet to consume.

But, it will contribute to your daily amount of water.

i LOVE flavored water i HATE regular water

aquaifina flavor splash is the best no sugar no nothing the only thing in it is a tiny tiny bit of sodium the mixed berry is my favorite

fruit 2 o is good to

I drink tap water at home or fountain water at work, but I love the Sam's Choice Strawberry carbonated flavored water at wal*mart. I'm sure the carbonation isn't good for ya, but to me it is better than buying a soda. There's no coloring added like soda has.

it's ok, and tastes better lol

Mmm, I started drinking lots of Lemon and Lime flavoured Volvic, until I realised just how much sugar was in it!! Fortunately, they have now brought out a sugar-free variety.

I love flavored water.That's the only one I drink.Sure it counts to your daily amount...

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