Is bottled water any safer to drink than tap water?!

Question: If you are on a municipal water system NO
but its convenient and i like the taste

Answers: If you are on a municipal water system NO
but its convenient and i like the taste

yes because bottled water is filtered and tap water isnt

my opinion yes

if you're in a place where water is sanitary, no obvious drilling or pollution where the water is retrieved, then i dont think so.

companies rip off people by selling unneccesary products--i am sure that they probably get alot of the water from tap. i cant even really tell the diff. between tap and that in bottled water.

if ya are concerned. but a filter for water [a large container with filter included] and fill water in that and reuse waterbottles.

this reusage will help preserve the environment by reusing-reccyling waste product of plastic.

remember to wash the waterbottles before reuse-to kill bacteria. let it air out before refilling every two uses or so..

Only distilled water.

This is because only distilled water has a legal definition. Distilled water is required in pharmacies when they make a prescription that is a solution.

Mountain, spring, purified, magic, etc. water means nothing.

And once you get used to pure distilled water, you cannot barely drink some varieties of tap water.

And you know that something is wrong when your water company packs a note in your bill proclaiming that their water is okay to drink; I thought that was a given.

It really depends on where you live and the quality of water there. Sometimes bottled water can just be tap water repackaged and sold at much higher price (for profit of course).

no. if you read the directions carefully most bottled water is tap water. they get it from the city water. companies will make a buck where ever they can. the plastic that the bottled water comes in is very bad for the environment.. it is something you need to read about and make up your own mind.

In most places yes. Bottled water is free of nasty pathogens like giardia and cryptospiridium.
Here in Sydney our water is not the best quality, despite Sydney Water claiming it is... I would NOT drink Sydney water from a tap unless I was really really thirsty and ran out of spring water!

It has been proven that most bottled waters are directly from the tap.
Just another gimmic to make money at your expense.

i drink tap and i find no difference between the two

Not always... it depends on the brand of bottled water. =)
Sometimes companies will just just fill bottles with tap water and say it's "bottled water," even though it's no different than the water that comes out of the tap.

My family uses a Brita water filter to filter our tap water... it works very well, and makes the water taste much better. ;D

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