Do you prefer starbucks or coffee bean tea leaf?!

Question: If you only had those two choices, which would you go to and why?

Answers: If you only had those two choices, which would you go to and why?

Coffee bean & tea leaf. There coffee seems to have more flavor but, in a good way. It's not overwhelming. Starbucks coffee just tastes strong.

I would prefer Starbucks.
There quality is good.
But the thing is they dont serve cappucino shots.
But yeah Starbucks

ill take jamba juice or starbucks..actually any of depends on what im getting/craving

I've not tried coffee bean tea leaf, but Starbucks is decent. There are so many good brands out there, it's overwhelming.

Coffee bean has way better hot chocolates. They don't have that bitter after taste to them, because they mix their powder into the drink when they make it. The chocolate mix that Starbucks uses, is a big bag of brownie mix with 2 quarts of water. Its sits there until its used up.

I love Starbucks, i'll admit Goffe Bean has better hot chocolate, but starbuck is the shizznit.

starbucks, for the employee discount

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