Does red bull?!

Question: Really make girls infertile??

Answers: Really make girls infertile??

I hope not.

Ive been drinking that stuff for years.

i hope not.


well it has high amount of caffiene.. which destroy your body.

i would say that it is highly probable.


there might be lot of girls infertile

Of course not. If it did, it wouldn't be mass produced. It does have high levels of caffeine, which can do weird things to your body, but that goes for the same as someone who has coffee every day!

I doubt it. In the months prior to me getting knocked up I'd been hammering the Red Bull, as had my ex... and I got knocked up quick and painless, hahaha

I'm not sure it can be ruled out: in the UK this drink has been associated by some coroners with suicidal thoughts, and I have yet to meet a fertile corpse. I shouldn't want my daughter drinking too much of the stuff.( not just caffeine, but shed loads of sugar too, rotten teeth are a wonderful contraceptive.)

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